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Dakai was founded in 2017 with the purpose of being a technological North Star for our clients. We made a name for ourselves in the difficult-to-navigate agency space by creating value and building trust with their clients from day one. 

We delivered apps used by hundreds of millions of people within months, saved industry leaders from falling behind in competition by building a product from scratch in two weeks, and helped startups raise $300M+ in total since our founding.

Our list of satisfied clients includes Spotify, Google, Lufthansa, Binance, and the Government of El Salvador.


Dakai offers a wide range of development services across multiple sectors of the tech industry. When developing web and mobile apps, we take pride in designing and implementing beautiful UIs and pay close attention to UX since it determines the success of our customers. 

Our team is vastly experienced in Blockchain, working closely with industry leaders and helping innovation come to life. We also help our customers explore the business opportunities provided by AI through consulting and development.

Our ideal project

We at Dakai aren’t just a group of coders. We like to breathe life into our customer’s ideas as if they were ours. For this reason, we vet our projects rigorously and we work closely with our clients to realize the product without excessive management on their side.

Our ideal project is:

  • High-impact
  • High-stakes
  • Has the potential to scale to millions of users
  • Pushes an industry forward

You are an ideal customer if you:

  • Value innovation
  • Are looking for a partner that helps you with the whole process of building a product, not just coding

We like to work with companies between $10M-$500M in revenue with our minimum project size being $50k. These are not hard limits, we often make exceptions based on various factors.

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