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Course Studio helps companies turn great content into great products via performant web and mobile apps.


Brand. A meaningful brand and visual system will resonate with your users and amplify your values, passion, and goals. We craft brands that win hearts.

Design. Every experience is designed with a focus on the user’s needs. We design thoughtful and delightful products while keeping course with your brand and business goals.

Development. We build clean, highly performant, and scalable products. Our engineering team will bring your designs and brand to life using the best modern web solutions, customized to fit with your business requirements and existing tech. 

Our ideal project

We love to help clients go from napkin sketch to launch day, and be their partner for all the ups and down to get there.

Our clients often have exceptional content that differentiates them and need a technical team to build a product around that content.

We’re a small independent studio so our clients get a high level of attention and care from our team, and a solution that’s unique to them.

Our engineering team specializes in headless, Jamstack, Next.js, and has extensive experience building learning and community platforms.

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