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We're a team of full-time designers, developers, and data scientists at the top of our fields who work closely with founders and executives to build great technology products. We run highly collaborative agile processes and care deeply about building products that increase rather than decrease human agency. We work with startups like Ritual, Protocol Labs, and Chance the Rapper, and enterprise companies like Samsung and Berkshire Hathaway. 


We can basically do anything you'd need to create a software tech product across design, development, data science, and product management. We work closely with all our clients and can function as a startup's entire tech team, take on a standalone project within a larger organization, or embed with existing teams, flexibly allocating resources as needed.

Our ideal project

Anything where we get to work with great people to create awesome agency-increasing tech. We believe that technology should create empowering and effective tools for people to reach their desired outcomes and love to work on products that align with this vision. We also run effective agile processes that get results and think of ourselves as not just outsourced help but as a part of your team, so we prefer working with clients who see the value in this and are excited to work closely with us.

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