Note: This documentation is for version 1 of the Vercel platform. For the latest features, please see the version 2 documentation. If you have yet to upgrade, see the upgrade guide.

Support Channels

We have a few support channels you can use to clarify doubts and solve issues.

Platform Status

Check our Twitter status account and our status page to verify if the platform has any issues.


Check the documentation. There we have a lot of information about how you can use the CLI and the platform. It also has project examples and guides for integration with third-party services.

API Documentation

We also have a documentation for our API. If you want to build something on top of our platform you will find a lot of information about how to do so there.


We have many GitHub repositories for almost every service or product we have. You can create issues in those repositories and the team or community will help you as soon as possible. Some repositories you can access are now, next.js, hyper, pkg, micro and more.


You can use Twitter to send a DM to, or mention @zeithq and a team member will contact you and help you with your query.


Last but not least, you can reach out to us at or by email at If you have very in-depth questions or queries related to private information (eg. billing issues) that you don't want to share in our other support channels, or you would just prefer to use email you can contact us and we will happily help you.