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An internal review is required for your integration to be listed on the Vercel Marketplace.

Once you’re ready, email and include the following:

  • A link to your integration
  • Integration support contact information (include name, email address, slack handle, and phone number)
  • Any additional information that is required to test the integration

Once approved, Vercel will publish your integration on the marketplace.

Note: Submitting an integration review request does not guarantee a listing in the marketplace. Please reach out to before submission.

Integrations allow you to extend the capabilities of Vercel and connect your application with third-party services. We've created starter kits like Next.js Commerce, Virtual Events, and Platforms that use integrations to help you get started quickly.

Using an integration does not require a starter kit, but it can be helpful to enable developers to get started with your integration quickly.

Note: Integrations must follow all the
requirements listed
before submitting for approval.