The Personal Account you've received after signing up to Vercel is the perfect place for your Hobby projects. It's free forever, and will never leave your side.

If you're working on building out a bigger idea, however, collaborating on it with other people will drastically decrease the time it'll take you to convert it into reality (and it's simply much more fun too).

For this purpose, Vercel offers Teams: They're similar to Personal Accounts, but specifically optimized for commercial use cases, and collaboration.

Starting at just $20 USD per month and Member, Teams provide everything needed for building sophisticated applications and delivering them to large crowds of visitors, without having to worry about how they get delivered.

Creating a Team

While you're creating a Project, Vercel will automatically detect if you're importing from an existing Git organization, and offer you to create a Team directly in the flow.

If that's not the case for you because you've created your Project differently, you can easily create a new Team directly on the dashboard, from the scope selector on the top left:

Creating a Team from the scope selector from the dashboard.

Regardless of how you're creating your new Team, you will automatically be granted a 14-day trial of the Pro plan, which gives you and your team enough time to try out all the included functionality.

Once it's created, your Projects will also be able to make use of the extended resources and capabilities included in the Pro plan, and you will be able to invite others to help you work on those Projects.

If you want to, you can learn more about the concept of Teams on Vercel.

Letting Others Join Your Team

To make it as easy as possible for the rest of your team to join you on Vercel, it is recommended to firstly make sure that your Team Email Domain is correctly configured.

The Team Email Domain is a field on the Security page of the Team Settings, and ensures that all other users with a matching email address are automatically offered to request access to your Team:

Configuring a Team Email Domain for your Team.

Once it's correctly configured, whoever in your team that uses Vercel will be offered to request access, and you will be notified of the membership request via email.

Additionally, if you've imported a Git repository into your Vercel Team, the platform will show the same suggestion to users that have signed up with the same Git provider and have access to the Git repository.

In all of the cases, users can only join after you've accepted their membership request.

Joining through Your Git Repository

Whenever someone pushes commits to the Git repositories associated with the projects on your Vercel Team, they will be prompted to request access too.

Like this, the platform ensures that whoever receives automatic Deployments also has access to the respective project on Vercel.

This only happens for private Git repositories, however. For open source Git repositories, the prompt does not apply.

If you want to, you can learn more about the concept of Suggested Teams on Vercel.

Inviting Others into Your Team

In addition to letting others request access to your Team on Vercel, you can also invite them explicitly. Following what was described above, this option is especially useful in cases where the people you'd like to invite aren't yet using Vercel.

To invite someone, you can either send them an email invitation through the dashboard, or copy a invite link that you can send them elsewhere.

Both can be done on the Members page in the Team Settings:

Inviting new Team Members from the Team Settings.

Regardless of whether you've chosen to invite your team via email or using the invite link, they will now be offered to create a Personal Account, or log into an existing one, and then join you in your Vercel Team.

Once they're in, they will be able to start deploying!

By default, Members can contribute to the Projects within your Team, but not change any Team Settings. If you want them to be able to change those, set their role to Owner instead of Member (there can be multiple Owners).

If you want to, you can learn more about the concept of Team Members on Vercel.

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