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Create Integration


Give your integration a name.

64 characters maximum.

URL Slug

Your integration URL slug is public and can not be changed.
32 characters maximum.


The owner of the Integration, generally a legal name.

64 characters maximum.

Contact Email

A contact email for the owner of the integration. This will not be publically listed.

A contact email is required.

Short Description

Write a one-line description for your integration.

40 characters maximum.


Upload a logo for your integration.

A logo is required.


Please choose a category for your integration.


Official website for your integration.

A website URL is required.

Documentation URL

URL to your documentation for your integration.


Provide some details about your integration.

Additional Information

Provide some additional details about your integration.

Feature Media

You can link up to 5 feature images or videos for your integration, with the aspect ratio of 3:2.

Add Media
Image and YouTube video links are supported. At least one feature image or video is required.

Redirect URL

Enter the URL on your site where users will set up the integration.

API Scopes

Select the scopes that your integration needs. Based on these scopes you will be able to access the Vercel API.

Integration Configuration

Interact with an installation of your integration.


Interact with deployments.

Deployment Checks

Verify deployments with Checks.


Access project details and settings.

Project Environment Variables

Create and manage integration-owned project environment variables.

Global Project Environment Variables

Create and manage all account project environment variables.


Access team details.

Current User

Get information about the current user.

Log Drains

Create and manage log drains to forward logs.


Manage and interact with domains and certificates.

Edge Config

Create and manage Edge Configs and their tokens.

Webhook URL

For each of the event types selected below, an HTTPS POST request with corresponding information will be sent to the provided URL.

Configuration URL

If your Integration requires additional configuration, provide a URL to provide access to further Integration settings. The configurationId will be automatically appended as a query parameter.