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Barnebys is the ultimate destination for all your search of art, antiques, and collectibles.

Using Vercel, Barnebys lists 1M+ items every day from over 2000 auction houses, dealers, and galleries globally.

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The Barnebys Story

In 2011, when founders Christopher Barnekow and Pontus Silfverstolpe were looking for antiques, they realised how difficult it was to navigate around the art world. Barnebys was born. After countless hours of searching the web without any luck, they decided to start Barnebys as a single exclusive destination for all art and antiques.

Their Swedish site launched in the fall of 2011, and just a couple of months later, the majority of Scandinavian houses were affiliated with Barnebys and available just a click away. Barnebys has come a long way since then. Today, they're available in the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Hong Kong, listing 1M+ items from over 2000 auction houses, dealers, and galleries.


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Hands-Off Deployment

Top-notch infra, without DevOps

Barnebys is a relatively small company with an ambitious outlook. Their clients are located in almost every timezone of the world, and come to Barnebys to in their quest for art every second. At their scale, it is incredibly challenging to appoint dedicated DevOps and support personnel in a manner that covers all timezones effectively.

Deploying with Vercel means that Barnebys has been able to simplify their infrastructure setup, scale effortlessly, and benefit from around the clock support for any questions.

Johan Dahl, CTO at Barnebys

For us, Vercel has removed the need for DevOps. It’s easy to build complex products and services, it’s hard to make them simple to use. Vercel is reshaping the web like how Apple shaped smart phones and tablets.

We've never had downtime or needed to upscale/downscale. Everything just works.

Johan Dahl, CTO at Barnebys


Rapidly Iterative Development

As a comprehensive site serving enormous traffic and tracking millions of artifacts, Barnebys makes use of a wide spectrum of tools and services. Their production site is built with Next.js, which allows them to rapidly iterate and benefit from a blazing fast, state of the art development experience.


Through extensive use of serverless caching, Barnebys is able to ensure fresh content for their millions of worldwide users, while still providing them with a blazing fast experience.

Cutting Edge Tech

One Stop Shop for all Deployments

Other technologies powering Barnebys include Micro, Go, PHP7 and React Native. They also use Prismic to orchestrate content, and Algolia for search. All of Barnebys is deployed with Vercel, including, their online appraisal, and their new SaaS auction product

Barnebys also offers widget-based affiliate systems used by sites like The Telegraph — powered by Next.js and Vercel.

Christopher Barnekow, CEO of Barnebys

Barnebys wants to give access to a world of art, antiques and collectibles to everyone, while also providing the industry with the digital tools needed to create a good user experience and help auction houses with a sustainable digital strategy. This industry is undergoing a great transformation and we have only seen the beginning. 2% of Americans' assets in arts and antiques are on the market.

Christopher Barnekow, CEO of Barnebys

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