Since releasing the Vercel for GitHub, we have watched many teams use it to deploy their pull requests for easier reviewing and staging.
With Vercel for GitHub, every commit push to a PR gets a shareable deployment hyperlink that everyone on the team can test.
Until now, these deployments required authentication to access the build inspector and get redirected to the deployment when it was built.
This had the unfortunate effect that someone having access to your GitHub repo but not to your Vercel team (e.g. as is the case in open source projects), they would never be able to visit the final deployment URL as an end-user.
Today we are happy to announce improvements to this flow. Now all your GitHub collaborators can easily access your deployments.

Accessible Deployments

From now on, if you have access to the repository using Vercel + GitHub, whether you are part of the associated Vercel team or not, you will be able to access the deployments.
Instead of seeing a login screen or 404 error, you or your GitHub collaborators will see a loading page or the deployment immediately.

If a deployment is waiting to be built, the visitor will see a loading page and then get redirected to the build.

This improved flow is a better option than sending others to see the build inspector of the deployment, waiting for a build to be complete, in case you have information in the logs that would best be hidden from visitors.
The case of security has been a high factor of importance for us from the beginning and this improvement enforces that standing. By giving a limited view to any that have access to see your repository deployments, without necessarily being associated with the Vercel account or team behind it, we protect any potentially sensitive information.
Additionally, it is now easier for private teams to work together. If you’re part of a large team that doesn’t just have developers, but testers and managers, for example; those people not a part of the Vercel team associated with the Vercel + GitHub integration will be able to see the live deployments and comment on what they see based on the changes. No need for manual sharing of the link.

Based on Your Feedback

This change was made possible based on the feedback we have received from so many users that have installed the Vercel + GitHub app since we released it.
We are so happy to see that our integration has improved GitHub workflows and we are committed to keeping on growing it.
If you have any feedback for how we can improve the integration further, or if you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to reach out.
This is just the start.
If you have yet to use the Vercel + GitHub app, make sure to install it to improve your workflows with deployments on every pull request.