Today we are introducing an improved team membership system with an entirely new invitation workflow which includes enhanced stability and the ability to invite any user, no matter if they are already using Vercel or not.

Shareable Invitation Links

When you visit the Members page in your team's settings, you will now see an invitation link that you can share with anyone you would like to join you in your projects. When visited, the link will automatically add the currently logged in user to your team.
If that person does not yet have a Vercel account, they will be prompted to sign up. Once the sign-up process is complete, they will be added to the team automatically.
You can also reset the link at any time to prevent it from being used in the future.

Invitation via Email

You can also invite people to your team using their email address. Our new invitation UI will show you basic information about the user with a given email to make sure you are inviting the right person. You can also invite multiple people at the same time.
Once you click Invite; an email will be sent to the user, inviting them to join the team. If they choose to click the Join Team button in the email, they will be added to your team.
And the best part is, they do not even need to have a pre-existing Vercel account. If the link is clicked without being logged in, the visitor is given the option to directly create a new personal account, which will then be added to your team.

Join Team via Email Domain

We have also introduced a new fieldset called Email Domain to the team settings. If a domain is selected, new Vercel users will automatically be added to your team if their email address ends with the specified domain.
In this field, you can select any domain that is already part of your team and verified.


The main goal of Vercel is to make cloud computing easier. This announcement marks a big milestone in our ongoing effort to make collaboration on Vercel easier and more secure.
  • Shareable invite links
  • Secure invitations by email
  • Auto-join by company email
We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback.