(almost 4 years ago)

Leo Lamprecht Is a Zeiter

Guillermo Rauch (@rauchg)
Leo Lamprecht (@notquiteleo)

I'm extremely happy to announce Leo Lamprecht is joining the team. Leo found us and emailed us before we had even made our plans or any of our products public.

Ever since, he's been helping on and off shape a lot of our products and polish the little details that matter. Today I'm glad to share that he's now with us full time!

What’s your name/age?

Legally speaking? Leonard Lamprecht. But most people just call me Leo, so let’s just go with that instead! I'm 18.

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

In Bamberg.

This article doesn’t provide nearly enough space for describing all of its cultural facets. But it’s basically a small, cozy town with a beautiful, medieval flair and great beer.

What are you here for?

Since I got started with building things using code around the age of 11, I’ve always tried to put all of my heart into building the most valuable code I could think of, as well as giving back knowledge to the community once I’ve acquired it.

Because of this, I’m now responsible for leading Open Source at Vercel, as well as for a critical project that’ll take the UX of the cloud to the next level. Don’t worry, you’ll find out about it very soon!

What's your favorite app?

Definitely Day One, my digital journal.

Not only does it help me to clear my mind, but it also allows me to easily reflect upon my past acts, learn from them and maybe do it better next time.

What do you love about ZEIT?


I especially feel like we’re basically following our natural, aesthetic instincts instead of simply relying on the practises that have been determined as the “best” in our industry.