With Vercel, our goal is to provide everyone with the best cloud experience possible. To be truly universal, we want to ensure that applications perform well from every geographical point — loading a site from Berlin or Beijing should be equally fast. We are constantly adding new regions in our network towards this goal.
Today, we are announcing our seventh Edge region in Europe: Zurich (Switzerland).


Vercel Edge Network latency for some of our Edge regions, from your current location.

What this means

The availability of a new Edge region means that we can cache and make your content available across our network even faster, and deliver a snappier cloud experience globally.
Combined with our European Edge regions in Dublin, Stockholm, London, Paris, Brussels, and Helsinki, our newest region in Zurich will allow you to deliver customers significant performance improvements.
Specifically, if they access content from within or near Zurich, your customers will enjoy improved latency of over 5x over our previous options.
ZRH1 (Zurich)
CDG1 (Paris)
BRU1 (Brussels)

Smaller is better. The average latency (in ms) for a connection to ZRH1, CDG1, and BRU1 from an office in Zurich.

ZRH1 is Automatically Enabled

Following this announcement, ZRH1 will be made available to all your deployments automatically. All your customers in or near Zurich are already enjoying faster speeds. You need not do anything to take advantage of our new Edge region in Zurich.
Please take note that regardless of your chosen deployment region, your static assets and dynamic responses will always automatically be cached across all of our global Edge regions, ensuring the quickest response time for all of your users.

Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss population is more online than ever — over 90% of adults in Switzerland use the internet. Between 2014 to 2017, there was a 30% jump in households with mobile internet access.
We are proud to be able to offer an even faster web experience to our patrons in and nearby Zurich, whether they're accessing from home on their mobile phones, or their office computer.


Not only do we want to create a truly global infrastructure, we care deeply about making it easily accessible. With our built-in Edge Network, we are enabling every developer to improve the experience for their customers, without having to do any configuration at all.
We welcome all your feedback and suggestions — please reach out to us over Twitter or Chat.