Last week we announced our third Origin datacenter, GRU1, based in São Paulo, Brazil; on our journey to give everyone equally easy and low-latency access to the cloud.
Origin nodes host and run deployments and serve our APIs from 3 locations (SFO, BRU, GRU). Other Vercel Network nodes are:
  • DNS - Manages Routing (15 locations)
  • CDN - Caches content at the edge worldwide (150+ locations)
Today, we are introducing our fourth Origin datacenter: IAD1, located in Washington DC, East US.
What does this mean for our customers that reach or live on the East Coast of the United States?
  • Drastically lower latency for serverless Docker deployments
  • Increased redundancy and lower latency for origin hits for static deployments
  • Faster API calls and responses

Speed testing the latency of IAD from Miami, Florida using

Getting Started

To use IAD1, any new Origin location in the future, and Now Cloud v2, run your app with Docker. Legacy support for deploying Node.js applications and NPM type deployments will continue and scale to both BRU1 and SFO1.
With this announcement, all new Serverless Docker applications will scale to IAD1 automatically, along with our other Origin locations, with the maintained ability to scale to any combination of locations.


Deciding that your app should be deployed and served only in IAD1 is as simple as one command. If you are on the East Coast of the US or close to it, IAD1 will be your new default Origin, automatically.
vercel --regions iad
Scaling an existing Serverless Docker deployment or alias to only IAD1 is just as simple.localhost:3000/blog
vercel scale iad
Any current Serverless Docker apps can be scaled to IAD1, in addition to all other Origin locations also.
vercel scale all
You can begin scaling to IAD for all applications using 11.4.2 of Vercel CLI. For more information on scaling, refer to our documentation.


This new Origin, located in Washington, DC, East USA, is another step in providing lower latency for anyone accessing the cloud.
Along with latency, IAD1 provides an additional failover location for us to provide from, in case an upstream cloud provider has reduced availability. This will provide users with a more guaranteed service when using Vercel.


The demand for our service is continually inspiring us to provide a better and faster experience for everyone in the world, previously with GRU1, and now IAD1, we are taking more steps in this direction.
The East Coast of the United States is home to one of the most densely packed urban populous on the western hemisphere, commonly nicknamed the Northeast Megalopolis. With IAD, we bring the Vercel experience with less latency to many more.
With the Vercel Edge Network enabled, when deploying statically or leveraging the Cache-Control headers, you will be taking advantage of the 150+ edge nodes, including the 39 nodes available in the North American region.
If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us.
We're looking forward to hearing from you.