Guides is a new hub to quickly find the information you are looking for in an easily digestible short-form manner. Whether you are looking for how to set up a redirect from www. to a naked domain or deploying a Next.js app with custom routes, Guides are where you will want to look for the step-by-step walkthrough.

The Guides homepage.

The Idea

In just a few days of being soft-launched, the Guides hub has proved to be useful for many users with popular requests.

A guide for deploying an Apollo GraphQL server.

Joining the Vercel documentation platform, Guides introduces a prioritized area for information focusing on a goal, to help you deploy and use Vercel.
Our goal for Guides is to bring specialized content to you that get to the point of what you need, instead of a reference for everything you can achieve.

Your Voice

At the end of each guide, we have provided a rating and feedback component that allows you to tell us if the guide you read successfully reached its goal, or if you needed more information.
We are listening and ready to give you the content you need to deploy any serverless application, globally, in just a few moments.

The rating and feedback input for Guides.

Your Guide

Let your voice to be heard. Contribute a guide yourself to help others learn and progress. Help push the serverless web forward.
We would love to accept any article surrounding Vercel and the technology you can deploy with it. We look forward to seeing what you submit.

The Future of Guides

We are incredibly excited to continue working on bringing out more content for you to use and learn from, and to hear what you think of the guides we share.
If you have an idea for a guide, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or contribute your guide.