At Vercel, our mission is to provide everybody in the world with the best cloud experience possible. To be truly universal, we need to ensure that applications are fast from every geographical point.
We recently announced our second Origin and CDN region in Europe: LHR1, located in London, United Kingdom; highlighting our commitment to making Vercel an outstanding option for customers all around the world.
Today, we are introducing our third Origin and CDN region in Europe: CDG1, located in Paris, France.

A recording of a latency test on CDG1 from the perspective of a user in Versailles (France), using


Smaller is better. The average latency (in ms) for a connection to Brussels and Paris from an office in Paris.

Getting Started

Following this announcement, all new applications will deploy to CDG1 and our other Origin regions automatically, while maintaining the ability to control which combination of Origin regions your deployments exist in.


If you are in Europe and geographically closer to Paris than to Brussels, CDG1 will be your new default Origin, automatically. If you would like to deploy and serve your app only in CDG1, Vercel makes it simple with a single command:
vercel --regions cdg
If you would like to deploy and serve your app in multiple regions, you can do so by appending further regions:
vercel --regions cdg,sfo
If you decide that you want to deploy to only CDG1 or to multiple specific regions, your static assets and dynamic responses will still be cached globally on all CDN regions, ensuring the quickest response time for all of your users.
You can begin deploying to CDG1 for all applications using version 14.2.4 (or newer) of Vercel CLI. For more information on scaling, refer to our documentation.


This new Origin, located in Paris, France, is another step in providing lower latency for anyone accessing the cloud.
Along with the greatly reduced latency, CDG1 also provides us an additional failover location to provide from, in the event that an upstream cloud provider region has limited availability. This will provide users with a more guaranteed service than ever when using Vercel.


The demand for our service is continually inspiring us to provide a better and faster experience for everyone in the world. Recently with LHR1, and now with CDG1, we are taking more steps in this direction.
CDG1 will grant better support for applications, providing vastly improved performance, a greater level of redundancy and faster cold-boot times; to name only a few advantages.
If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us.
We're looking forward to hearing from you.