Through Vercel, we want to make the cloud accessible to everyone. We believe that one's physical location should not be a barrier to their cloud experience — loading a site from Paris or Hong Kong should be equally fast. Towards this goal, we are constantly adding new regions to expand our network.
Today, we are adding a fourth Origin and CDN region in Asia: BOM1 (Mumbai, India).


Vercel Edge Network latency for some of our regions, from your current location.

What This Means

Origin region means that we can now run and host your deployments in Mumbai. Since BOM1 is also a CDN node, we can cache your content and immediately make it available across our network, to deliver a faster experience globally.
Combined with HND1 (Tokyo), SIN1 (Singapore) and ICN1 (Seoul), the announcement of BOM1 means that your users in Asia will benefit from significant performance improvements. Specifically, if they access from within or near Mumbai:
  • Full Origin: lightning quick access to content, and greater redundancy
  • Improved Latency: over 10x improvement over our previous options
BOM1 (Mumbai)
SIN1 (Singapore)
ICN1 (Seoul)
South Korea

Smaller is better. The average latency (in ms) for a connection to BOM1, SIN1, and ICN1 from an office in Mumbai.

Getting Started

Following this announcement, BOM1 will be made available to all deployments. All your customers in or near Mumbai are already enjoying faster speeds.
The Origin node geographically closest to you will be made your new default region, automatically. For example, if you are deploying from Dubai, which is closer to Mumbai than to Singapore or Paris, your default node will automatically be BOM1.
As always, you retain full control over your Origin regions. If your APIs or datasources are in or near Mumbai, you can explicitly choose to deploy and serve your app from Mumbai:
vercel --regions bom
To deploy and serve your app from multiple regions, you can specify all of them:
vercel --regions bom,sfo,cdg
The primary use case for --regions is deploying functions close to your datasource. Even if you decide to only deploy to Mumbai, your static assets and dynamic responses will always be cached globally across all CDN regions in our network, ensuring the quickest response time for all of your users.
You can start deploying to BOM1 for all your applications using version 14.2.4 (or newer) of Vercel CLI. For more information on scaling, refer to our documentation.


With BOM1, we are able to offer a faster web experience to our patrons in and nearby India, in addition to greater redundancy.
India has well over half a billion internet users. It is estimated that by 2020, 175 million Indian consumers would have experienced online shopping. Despite the large adoption numbers, the Internet segment in India experiences lower average bandwidth in broadband connections compared to developed countries. The situation is fast changing however, with the rapid rise in popularity of providers such as Jio.


Not only do we want to make a truly global infrastructure available, we also want it to be easily accessible. With our default global CDN, we are enabling every developer to improve the experience for their users without much configuration.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions on Twitter or over Chat.