Previously, when creating a new deployment with ZEIT Now, you were shown an Initializing indicator that would be replaced with Ready or Error depending on whether the build succeeded
Today, we are removing this confusing initial state and are introducing more informative states for your deployments.

One Exits, Two Arrive

Before today's change, your deployments would only go through two different phases:
Initializing –> Ready or Error
With our Git Integrations, and version 16.4.3 upwards of Now CLI, Initializing is replaced with two more informative states for your deployments:
Queued –> Building –> Ready or Error


When you create a new deployment it will first show up in a Queued state, which indicates that the deployment scheduled to build but has not yet started:

By hovering over the deployment state, you can see more details.

Once a build container is available and selected, the deployment will automatically move into the Building state.
Your deployment queueing behind other deployments depends on the amount of Concurrent Builds your plan includes:
  • Concurrent Builds on Free: 1
  • Concurrent Builds on Pro: 3+
  • Concurrent Builds on Business: 6+
  • Concurrent Builds on Enterprise: Custom
On the Pro or Business plan, you increase the limit in your Billing settings:

After increasing the limit, your deployment queue adjusts automatically.


As mentioned above, this state occurs once your deployment has started building:
After the build is complete, your deployment will be either marked as Ready (the build successfully completed) or Error (the build completed with an error).

API Changes

The deployment section of our API documentation was adjusted accordingly. To opt-in to the new deployment states, you will need to use the latest version of all deployment endpoints.


With the new deployment states Queued and Building, it's easier than ever to grasp which phase your deployment is in.
To take advantage of this update, either use:
Once you have tried it out, let us know what you think about this change!