Today, we are excited to announce a significant improvement to Domains: the ability to transfer-in.
We are releasing this feature so that you can migrate to Vercel and get started faster than ever before, without having to ever worry about domain and DNS configuration, registration, renewal, and privacy.

A Walkthrough

Transferring a domain from an external registrar into Vercel can be done as follows:
Imagine that you have a domain registered on GoDaddy and hosted on Heroku, and you would like to use Vercel instead to take advantage of serverless. To bring your domain and get going, here is what you would do:

Unlock your domain

Most domains are typically locked to prevent unauthorized changes. Given that you would like to transfer your domain, you will need to unlock your domain as the first step. This is typically done in a registrar's domain management area.

Unlock Domain on Godaddy

Run `vercel domains transfer-in domains transfer-in`

From your terminal, run vercel domains transfer-in <your-domain>. You will be prompted for an authorization code from your registrar. As soon as your registrar sends you one, paste it into the prompt and the transfer will begin. 🎉
After running the command, you will be informed that the DNS settings for your domain will not be transferred along with the domain. Instead, you will need to download a zone file from your registrar and upload it to our platform.
In the event that you would like to switch over to Vercel's DNS, you can skip uploading the zone file from your previous registrar: your domain will automatically be transferred in and use Vercel's DNS out of the box.

Running `vercel domains transfer-in` in CLI

Alternatively, an inward transfer can also be performed via our dashboard like so:

Transfer In Domain via our dashboard

Now that the domain has been added to your account, let us deploy our app! Once you are in the working directory of your project, run vercel to deploy it:
~/my-app vercel
> Deploying my-app under acme
> [v2] [in clipboard] [2s]
> Success! Deployment ready [3s]

Deploying with Vercel

Great! It is deployed. We now need to alias the deployment to your domain on Vercel.
vercel alias

Aliasing a deployment with Vercel

After this step, your domain points to your new deployment and you are ready to go with all of the great benefits of serverless at your service.

User Interface Symmetry

As a service provider, we strive for perfection in the user interfaces (UIs) we provide to our users – both in the terminal, and on the web. We recently rolled out powerful new features for interacting with your domains via the Web UI right here on Our goal is to maintain a high degree of user interface symmetry: the idea that all actions that can be performed in a command line interface (CLI) should also be available in a graphical user interface (GUI) – including buying, inspecting, and transferring in domains.


transfer-in is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to features in our pipeline that we believe will advance our efforts in bringing the cloud down to all people. We are eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and comments around this new feature on Twitter.